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Our Solutions



Most often, the damage to tank walls is so extensive that they end up punctured and in need of repair. We use techniques to seal these that involve welding, replacing entire parts of the tank, and in some cases, plugging with resin before patching with Kevlar® material.

Why Choose to Work with CORROFIX™?

An Economical Solution

Cathodic protection costs half the price of replacing a tank or reconditioning the existing coating, saving you the expense of destroying and disposing of old tanks and associated pipework, and investing valuable funds in new tanks or filters.

The CORROFIX™ Warranty

CORROFIX™ solutions are effective against all types of corrosion, especially in harsh environments where high temperatures or seawater are the norm. We offer a 10-year guarantee against corrosion and filter perforation. Annual inspections and support are provided throughout the life of the warranty.

An Ecological Solution

We use mineral-based coatings in our cathodic protection systems, which allows us to avoid coatings derived from petrochemicals. Ours are non-toxic and do not endanger the health of the operators applying them, nor do they prevent a risk for end consumers of the water.

Facilities & Applications

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Technical Benefits


When replacing the filtering medium of sand filters or during shutdowns for maintenance, our solutions are indispensable as they extend tank service life for a few more decades. If tanks are already damaged and rusty, CORROFIX™ is an integral choice for repairing them before cathodic protection system is installed.


Our solution is much safer than applying a coating or repairing existing coatings, whose many variables like flawless surface preparation, dew point, drying time and temperature, must be closely controlled and managed.​

Adapted to harsh environments

Our solutions are ideal when corrosive water is a factor and in particularly difficult conditions such as high temperatures, seawater, chlorinated water or water with high concentrations of oxidizing substances, because they have been designed to adapt perfectly to these situations.​


CORROFIX™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection is effective against many types of corrosion: bacterial, galvanic, differential aeration corrosion, under deposit corrosion, etc.

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